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ladees is the most perfect girl in the world, she will always be there for you she will be kind, loyal and loving, she has all the features a man could look for, if you have ladees in your life do not ever try to lose her or make her sad
a random boy: where is ladees????!!!!!
another random boy : what do you want from her? she is mine bc she is beautiful andsexy
by lanooooo January 21, 2019
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ladees is a sexy girl that has a nice ass, she’s really confident and beautiful, she’s always a leader and never a follower, a lot of guys like her, she’s really pretty, thiccc thighs lol, but she’s actually really really pretty and gorgeous and everything nice, she has an amazing personality and long eyelashes
mert likes ladees
ladees is friends with maya
ladees wajh alroom ;)
by peasantitmaggie January 21, 2019
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A term often seen on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, meaning a female fan of actress/advocate KaDee Strickland.
"A KaDee LaDee"
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N. (pronounced Laddie, not lady)
Lunar Atmospheric Dust Environment Explorer
A lunar probe designed by NASA's JPL, LADEE was sent to the moon in 2013 to explore traces of dust and an atmosphere...
person a: hey do you wanna get fucked up?
person b: No, I'm watching the LADEE launch.
person a: Your loss
by CynicalTré November 03, 2013
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