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Noun. Used to describe the pate coloured substance found at the entrance on the anus and/or on a penis during or after anal sex with a dirty whore. The substance itself is a mixture of shit, anal lubricant & pre-cum. Rare to be seen in porno films produced today but a common sight in pioneering anal & dp porn during the 1970's and 1980's. Now days, female porn stars avoid 'duck paste syndrome' by pre-shoot enema or colic irrigation
"Yuck, that chick I just ass-fucked left duck paste all over my cock...I better get her to lick it off."
by Ian Grant November 8, 2004
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Noun: (lang. Japanese) A fetish ritual whereby a large group of men, usually at least 8, ejaculate on a woman's face. Bukkake is a Japanese word pronounced 'boo-car-key'. It had its origins in Japan some 500 years ago where it was a traditional punishment administered by male members of a village against unfaithful women. On the island of Honshu, the guilty woman was buried in the sand up to her neck before being 'Bukkake on'. In most other parts of Japan, the woman was merely made to kneel with her hands tied behind her back before being splattered with multiple loads of man-gravy. The practice lost popularity when it was discovered that most women did not consider Bukkake a punishment. Today, the practice has wide acceptance in Germany, the US and also in Australia where Bukkake Parties are common place.
Hi Jill, would you like to be the star attraction at the Bukkake party I have organized this Friday night - with 28 of my buddies?"
by Ian Grant November 8, 2004
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Noun: (Latin)A technical medical term to describe extremely large piss flaps. Women are rarely born with this condition. Rather, it develops over time as a direct consequence of very frequent vaginal sex - e.g. found in women that have sex 6 times a day. No prizes for guessing that prostitutes and porno stars are the largest group suffering this condition. It can be rectified by plastic surgery.
Sarah, it is not natural to be able to tie your piss flaps into a bow. You have labia majora and should see your plastic surgeon right away.
by Ian Grant November 8, 2004
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n. A licensed premises located above the Mosman Rowing Club, in the affluent northern suburb of Mosman in Sydney, Australia. It is a famous 'pick-up' joint frequented by divorced females aged over 45. The women patrons are usually over-weight, well-worn (ugly and used-up), have dyed blond hair and wear inappropriately tight fitting clothing (borrowed from their 24 year old daughter's wardrobe). The male patrons are all baby boomer types over 50 years old, sporting a grey moustache (or other grey facial hair) and have a massive 'beer-gut' (fat stomachs). These sad creatures usually consume large amounts of alcohol before leaving with someone they have never met for a 5 minute session of 'grey-sex'.
Bill went to the Mosman Rowers to grab a granny. He needed 5 minutes of poor quality 'grey-sex'.
by Ian Grant November 11, 2004
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