The computer lab employees at Elk Grove High School that hunt down students off task. These sad individuals find joy in locking and printing pictures of an off task students computer, then tattling on them to their teacher.
"Oh man my computer got locked" complains Mick. "Its those damn lab nazi's again!" Jeff explains.
by DJ Jazzy Jurewicz May 3, 2005
The Sadistic "Teachers" that sit behind there wooden fortress that they call a desk an monitor us for our best intrests. Bull shit, they sit there and because there not cool they take all the freedom of being i nthe lab.. F U lab nazis... FU!
Mike:Hey Ebz Check out my myspace!

EBZ:uh oh mike u did it here she comes

by EBZ October 17, 2005
A person working at the Elk grove high school lab. they rule the computers with an Iron fist and if you are out of line you are off the computer.
Im making this report from computer number 24 in lab d. i must not stay on long or they will catch me... OH SHIT!!!!
by GIO5 May 4, 2005
The world renowned psychotics they have working at Elk Grove High School in Illinois. Those ladies need to think outside the mac.
We're just sitting there and all of a sudden the damn lab nazis come over and start bitching at us!
by Webster's Brother July 20, 2004
Crazy bitches that kill students for using their computers.
Lab Nazi: Waaaaaargh!!!!!!!
Me: I'm sorry! I have a report due and I only needed the computer for a second!
Lab Nazi: ...
Me: Heh... ok... good... am I free to go?
Lab Nazi: Waaaaaargh!!!!!!!
by krapes November 16, 2007
The sadistic Elk Grove High School computer lab beasts that rape Elk Grove students for going on
"oo shit! dammit this happened to me today (22nd September '06) the lab nazis locked my comp.
by Pj Weber September 23, 2006