L$D is an American song from A$ap Rocky, in the song he is talking about the drug but also uses it as a acronym for love sex dreams
"girl I really fuckin want love sex dreams (l$d)"
by hergashlerga September 04, 2015
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A great way of owning someone - without words - on the internet. Represents a guy flipping someone off.
Roger: Howdy!
Robert: .l.. d'.'b ..l.
Roger: :(
by YapmelkXela October 06, 2009
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Feel Like Dog Shit. A disease identified in 1988 by a guy they call JD from Rio Hondo, Texas. Symptoms include any or all of the following (and maybe more, as yet, undetermined):
Headache, Body Ache, Lethargy, Chills, Post Nasal Drip, Itchy/Scratchy Throat, Sinus Pain, Random Dental Pain, Neck Pain radiating up and around the temples, Ringing of the ears, Twitchy feet that keep you awake at nights. Halitosis, Eyes Sensitive to light. (research continues)
Joe: "Hey dude, you're not lookin so good today. Wassup?"

Moe: "Fukin F L D S got me by the cajones......(looking down, shaking head) ...fukin F L D S"....
by buzzardbait February 09, 2011
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Someone who uses acronyms to talk which is trying to say your going to give them a blowjob. L short form for lick and D for Dick. B could also be switched or added for L your D and/or B meaning balls.
Crazy acronym girl: Thanks for the ride. If you want I'll L your D.
by Linage January 19, 2010
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down-low. secret, keep it quiet. keep a low profile.
"you're not using dope again are you?" "shit, yeah, yeah, but keep it on the DL aight?"

"this area's hot right now so when you're comin' through make sure you keep on the DL."
by L.K. November 20, 2003
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Short for download usually used when chatting on MSN, ICQ, YIM and etc.
Tom: What you guys do online all the time
Dick: D/L porn to keep me company.
by Dennis Teh May 31, 2004
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