A type of map in counterstrike which involved jumping and climbing increadably high maps filled with steps and difficult jumps. The map name is in a kz_map format, and the kz stands for kreedz, the creator of such climbing maps.
kz_climbersxpb03 is a REALLY HARD MAP
by noone October 13, 2004
Shorter for "Kazakhstan"(Republic of Kazakhstan).
Also it's used on the Internet for a designation of the main domain name of this country.
I'm going to leave Kazakhstan.
All kazakhs sites have the ".kz" as the main domain name.
by tral June 22, 2006
Konzentrationslager - eng. concentration camp
Camps in the 30s and 40s under the fascists. Poltic Enemies and espacially Jews were broght there and killed by gas (zyklonB) or by work
KZ Auschwitz was the greatest one
- true. all in all 6 million jews were killed
by Gr3gGy July 8, 2004
Karazhan, an instance in world of warcraft. It requires 10 people and ussualy can take up to and if not more than 6 hours.
The instance is huge, scripted, and non-winged, containing twelve boss encounters, with 22 different NPCs.
Oh no, no way, he didnt just say he wanted to pug kz did he?
by Joemammaa August 29, 2007
A simplified version of the words "Okies" or "Okays".
Jim says:
I'm gonna kill you, shit all over your doorstep, slit your throat and burn you alive motherfucker!

Lee says:
by Scum Videos December 17, 2005
Kz is a nickname for bitching over a joke or just a guy who loves big dicks
"Dude stop being a Kz"
by I LOVE KZ March 3, 2017
Kz is pretty and smart. She likes trying new things for the memories, she is very humble too. When her best friends feel down, she's always there to comfort. More likely a star to have in your life, there are many stars at night but this type of star is unique.
"dang, you look so happy, what did you got?"
"heh ,I got a Kz"
by diamondshayn October 18, 2021