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Shorter for "Kazakhstan"(Republic of Kazakhstan).
Also it's used on the Internet for a designation of the main domain name of this country.
I'm going to leave Kazakhstan.
All kazakhs sites have the ".kz" as the main domain name.
by tral June 22, 2006
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The Capital of Kazakhstan since 1997 (till that year the capital was in Alma-Ata city). Former names - Akmolinsk, Tselinograd, Akmola. The city is located in the central part of Kazahstan on the Ishim river. A population about 600 thousand (and constantly increases). Sights: the Bayterek (symbolical monument of the sacred Tree of Life), the Duman Entertainment Complex (the farthest oceanarium from World Ocean in the world), the building of Parliament, the Congress-Hall etc.
Astana became a capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 10,1997.
Astana is the city of contrasts.
Kazakhstan is NOT Borat's motherland!
by tral June 7, 2006
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