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Kyson's are the most incredibly rare creatures they have
phenomenal personalities. If you find one make sure you lock him up in your closet and swallow the key, cause they are people who will always be faithful and loyal. When you need them, they'll always be there for you. They are easy to get along with. Through any bad situation, they can always make you smile with their funny sense of humor. If you let a Kyson into your life they'll brighten up your world ^^ Kysons have immense handsomeness and are extremely talented in the arts. They are passionate and can triumph through any obstacle in life no matter how hard the situation may be in, and somehow are always able to have a smile on their face and willing to help others. They'll be the best friend you'll ever have. And as a lover, you are lucky without a doubt, they are prefect in every way, for they are very caring and thoughtful, though others may see "faults", you see perfection, you are not blinded but gifted to see who and what they are. So never let these people out of your life, for they are the most amazing people you could possibly meet. Kysons will change your life forever. Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool. An extremely handsome man that is athletic. All girls die over a Kyson. A Kyson can get the hottest girls and keep them because he knows how to treat them. If you have an chance to date a Kyson do it there wont be another like him.
I just met this new boy, and I hope he's a Kyson.
by #THE_REAL_DEAL January 05, 2017
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An amazing and stunning boy the name means "son of Kyle"it is often used as a short way to say amazing
I'm feeling so Kyson today
by Isle gland February 03, 2017
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A piece of shit who will cheat on you! His hairline is shaped like and negative parabola
Youre so Kyson
by Annmaggie December 08, 2019
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Kyson is the most best freind you could have. He is usually freinds with the people who are named Garrett. He is a incredible athlete and is really fast. Kyson can be a real pain in the ass some times. He is also dirty minded too. He is an all out amazing person. He is there for you when you need it the most no matter who you are. He is the most honest person you will ever meet, he never lies. And he isn't a slut and is loyal, so ladies, if you are looking for a guy you wanna stay with for a while, then go for a kyson
Kyson the best
by Notimportantlol April 09, 2019
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