Japanese all-purpose curse word.
kuso! - shit/damn!
kuso-yarou! - fucking idiot!
by bastardface October 21, 2004
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shit in Japanese. not censored on tv.
kuso tabete shine!
(eat shit and die!)
by KRHimself January 4, 2004
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A japanese expression turns into internet chat slang. An expression for witnessing something ridiculous and unusual that is happening
Nicole cursed Marsman to 'Eat shit and die!' but Marsman replied with, 'Hmm, I don't want that, mine tastes like milk.'
'KUSO!!!' she said.
by kameyagi November 21, 2004
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One of the best curse words available to humans. Literally means 'shit' in Japanese, and used just like we use it.
"Two terrible presidential candidates again! Kuso!" - majority of Americans every four years

Kusogaki - literally "shitty brat". Used to put some young punk in his or her place.
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009
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Kuso is the 1/2 creator of the "Kuso curse" and the full vessel to the "Kuso curse". He is the Eren Jaeger to Abotics' career and the main reason why he is slowly dying. Abotics did help Kuso out around 0.4 "AKC" where he discovered the "Egirl buff". This led to the one possible cancellation of the infamous "Kuso curse".

Kuso and Abotics both met around 2 "BKC".
Random Player: "Who is this guy he's so good but never wins any games!"
Abotics: "That's my duo Kuso, He's the entirety of the being that is the Kuso curse."
Random Player: *Alt + f4's*
by Kusof’dyourmom February 13, 2022
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Kuso: Japanese for "darn"

Kuso is often mistaken for a curse word like shit (which is Tawagoto) or damn (which is Imaimashī), but it actually means darn.
When something bad happens, someone might say Kuso (pronounced Kssa)
by coinman9388 March 20, 2012
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Carl: "I killed your girlfriend, family and friends"
Elijah: "Kuso Yaro, Shine"
by The_Dusk_Dandelion August 29, 2020
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