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1. someone who can cook amazing meals
2. someone who crashes cars while texting
3. someone who is in love with MK (Mortal Kombat)
1. "did you cook this yourself? wow what a marsman!"
2. "aww shit dude i crashed while driving on beach blvd, im such a marsman"
3. guy1- what are u doing tonight?

guy2- prolly gonna spend it on MK

guy1- yup thats marsman alright
by adammorrison July 20, 2009
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Mars Man, a noun is another name for a person that's being extremely boring. But you don't have the confidence to tell them that. Coming from the forgotten, boring Mars Bar and planet Mars.
'My friends being a Mars Man, how do I tell him this' Joey says in his head.

"Ugh." Friend.
by RiyoHitsuyka January 10, 2017
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