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Kuhanes is an indian name which means gorgeous and also sweet. Many people love the personality of her. She can be easily blunt with people. She's adorable and loves everyone. She loves to keep her circle small. She is loved by her friends and also family.

Kuhanes always forgive but will never forget. She's a precious germ. She is sensitive in some particular things but still loved by others. When she finds the right guy, she will love him through all her heart. The more you spend time with Kuhanes, the more you will love her.
Girl1: Hey! See the girl over there, she is loved by everyone.

Guy1: Oh yeah...I know her. Shes my friend. She has a great personality. She is strong enough to against all the problems.

People: We love you kuhanes😘
by Crabforlife December 26, 2017
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