a black nigerian boy who thinks he is all that! especially at basketball
yo chill dont be a kudus
by sooon May 4, 2010
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happy dance and something that you you say too when dancing, mostly used in big groups or squads
I had to kudu when we won the game.
by ghist yijijf woijfiwj December 1, 2016
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A large amount of money one comes by easily, or with dumb luck.
When Jimmy rolled snake eyes while playing craps and won $10,000, he yelled, "give me that kudu money!"
by SAvaJG July 11, 2014
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Kudu Balls
When your testicles are so large, they bash together when you walk and make the sound, kudu, Kudu (Kú-dù; koo-doo)
His balls just dropped, kudu, kudu. Kudu balls
by Don1juan November 16, 2018
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top ogusers member with 100k plus in deals, friends with 1500 discord nuking group and also is friends with nell/perth the famous chad.
Kudu is so cute, hot, and reputable to deal with. Do not hesitate to let him mm or exchange for you!
by ogu/Kudu March 10, 2022
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Kudu is a surname..... Most people pronounce it wrong.Most of people thinks it's south Indian surname.But it is also used in Maharashtrian People, Mostly "AAGRI" People.Also in other states, countries this surname is used.
Hello,my name is _____ and surname is KUDU.
by AAGRI November 23, 2021
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1. An African species of antelope.
2. A classic "knock-knock joke" word to humorously request minor assistance from someone, especially if your request is a bit irritating and/or inconvenient for your would-be helper, and so you want to add a little light-heartedness to your question.
(requested of an elderly neighbor who's comfortably reclining in a shaded hammock in his back yard on a hot sunny day)
Knock, knock...
Who's there?
Kudu, who?
Kudu possibly fill up my canteen, and drop in an ice cube or two?
by QuacksO August 18, 2018
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