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1. Short for the Spanish word for cheese, "queso."
"Can I have some ACP with extra kso?"
by KatieMcDuh11 October 07, 2011
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A shortening of the phrase "K, so", which was shortened from "Kay, so", which was shortened from "Okay, so."

Used to progress in a conversation, after a long absence in conversation.
l337 54uc3 returned at 5:08:59 PM.
l337 54uc3: kso, where were we?
by Guy With A Cool Face July 25, 2005
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transition phrase that sounds like the spanish word for cheese, "queso" in a conversation.
Person1: K so, we good?
Person2: Yahh, i guess

Person1: Heyy wat up?
Person2: Nothin' much, k so when should i come over?

Person1: K so i'm pisseddd, my dog took a massive dump in my bed
Person2: DUDEEEE its called a door
by anonymous_cat January 02, 2010
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