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Krun is anything you roll into a joint other than weed or batch. Krun can be tea leaves, regular leaves, grass, paint chips, beef, corn bread, crumbs, dead bugs, anything small enough to roll. Originating in Toronto Harsh-Speak
"bun that krun"
"krun nugs"
by Bile November 07, 2006
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a pun worded by the eighties horror king Freddy Krueger right as he kills somebody. often times rather cheezy. sardonic.

Krueger = Krug + Pun = Krun

"This is it, Jennifer: your big break in TV!"
says while he shoves bitches head in tv
"damn nigga kroog is really loosing his touch with these 'kruns'!"

while eating tomato soup watching a dick get killed by freddy only to be insulted by a bad pun. or shall one say 'krun'
by pooponastarsometimesoon April 24, 2009
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