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bun that as in forget that commonly used down my area
man1: so u wana go down ta aston endz?
man2: nah bun that
by comotion89 May 15, 2006
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A phrase commonly used when displaying a displeasure to a certain idea or thought. Usually spoken with a confused facial expression that suggests the individual should never have had to hear such a dumb idea in the first place
Camper: "I get to whip a ball at your head really really hard and then you have to do push ups, okay?"
Counsellor: "bun that..."
by DQ11 May 12, 2011
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This saying is another way to say "forget that," in the sense, don't worry about it.
Ex 1.
Friend 1: "Samalty is talking junk again."
Friend 2: "ughhh bun that"
Ex 2.

Friend 1: "Conairr actually said no to a dance.."
Friend 2: "wow you know what, bun him. His loss"
by Kaachow June 28, 2017
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