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Word famously used by British and American soldiers in world war two as an insult to German soldiers. What the soldiers didn't realise at the time was that 'krout' was actually (and still is) the German word for Cabbage, hence 'sour krout'.

I wonder what the German soldiers must have thought when they saw a Platoon of Allied troops running towards them with behonettes yelling 'CABBAGE!'
Allied soldiers - Die you Krouts!
German Soldiers - Are they hungry?
by Jon Hazell August 27, 2006
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Word famously used by most English speaking nations in world war two as slang for Germans, because 'krout' is German for Cabbage, hence 'sour krout'. And German's who weren't directing the evil, were behaving like Cabbages. This follows a European trend of naming Peoples by their food they are famous for eating.. For example Frogs - French, and Le Rost Bif (roast beef) - British.
i suppose it would take a bunch of cabbages (krouts) to put up with Hitler for so long
by OriginalYeti January 07, 2008
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The idiot's way of spelling "kraut" which was a slang term towards German people/soldiers during the World Wars. Derived from the food they eat.
Person: Fucking krouts

Me: Learn to spell before you put shit on this site, moron.
by Rondawg93 July 20, 2011
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an old isult used in world war2, it is now used by young groups as a regular insult:
Luke: i screwed ur mum last night

Ben: Shut up you dirty lil' krout
by delta4611 November 20, 2009
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