the only energy drink that doesn't taste like straight pig piss.
symptoms after drinking include: prevalent swearing, unyielding wankage, hostility, rowdiness, rudeness, and trouble-causing.
best if drunken in large groups so a sole outburst is not considered too abnormal.
"Is he drunk?!"
"No, he's just had a Kronik."

"Is she high?!"
"No, she just finished a Low Carb Kronik."

"Nah, energy drinks always taste like crap to me."
"Trust me, Kronik is better."
by Karl Kroner October 25, 2007
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Many people think kronik is just great weed, but the reason it is so good is because it is laced with crack or meth. There is no such thing as kronik without being laced.
Dude, she's been fucked up since she started that kronik.
by Pitbull Black January 7, 2009
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Graffitti consisting of 6 letters, variation of styles always fucking KRONIK as a mafugga! while i do em!
Bob - "That kronik tag is dope man"
Geoff - "chek this one out over here its kronik!"
by Geoff Richardson August 13, 2004
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