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'keep right on'. Usually written by fans of Birmingham City Football Club at the end of a message about the club - it is the main song that is sung by the fans.
Come on you blues!
by gwkbcfc March 03, 2008
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London slang for Dro, commonly known as weed or marijuana.
Bill: I really need a zoot
Ben: Then you need to get some Kro first
by General P October 05, 2008
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A type of hair(strand), usually ethnic which is very thick,dry, course and unrulely. It does not get wet when submerged in water
That girl has a head full of kroes hair. Shame!
by lynlyon February 03, 2009
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(n.) - Maltese mythology. The god of love, sexual yearning and desire.

KRoStju (n.) - The god's reincarnation. His sexual prowess is legendary. Sports a 9 incher and guaranteed to drown you in his cum.
"Ghandek zobb daqs ta' KRoS" - You're dick is as impressive as god Kros'.

"KRoS biss iserrahni" - Only the god Kros can satiate my libido.
by Lorraine May 26, 2004
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A cool Maltese guy. Born in 1978. His intelligence and sexual power will be legendary in the future.
Kemm inti Kros! (Your r so gr8)
by Kros August 26, 2003
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The coolest, most aesthetic, nicest, asian guy you'll ever dream of meeting. Luckily he exists, and is a blessing to this world. Truly an ideal male.
I love kro...
by __uWu__ May 10, 2017
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