(cool-leo) adjective. noun

The word kolio comes from the word cool. It is a substitute used for it. It is used as an adjective.
"Do you like these shoes? Yes there kolio."(adj.)
"Dude that kick was kolio."
The skateboard trick kolio"
by GraysonForRealWords December 19, 2010
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He is the best goalkeeper the world has ever seen. Playing for Metalik, this 16 year old boy is going to become one of Bulgaria's best players ever
Cankov: Bache, prigotvi li hranata?

commentator:What an incredible save by Bacho Kolio!!! How is he so good?!?!?
by fen na bacho 123 April 3, 2021
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Big igrach who likes small kids
Bro don't be a Kolio
by Darkkoolboi January 27, 2022
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When there’s a Moment of something only a “Kolio” would do
That’s a certified Kolio Moment.
by Matt Helfrich November 24, 2021
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