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a name for someone who is super cool and who gets alot of girls.
that kid reminds me of kohan
by timsnowboard August 11, 2008
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A name for a guy who is very hot, he typically has blonde hair and rides bikes. Kohan gets all the girls. His very popular and is as sweet as a strawberry, they love riding horses. You are lucky if you have a kohan in your life.
by Kiwi πŸ₯ September 03, 2019
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A being from the 'Monster Hunter' game series with immeasurable power and abilities. Has the power to bestow k. o.s at crucial moments in a battle. All bow to its power and fear its might!!!!1!!!!!!
You're about to get killed by a rathian, its your last life and you've already given a sigh of failure when BLAMM!!!. K. O. HAN bestows your last attack with incredible power and you k. o. the rathian, clearing the quest.
by jaredthealmighty October 04, 2011
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Kohan is a name used to describe a unique individual. A kohan has a kind heart and does not stand by and simply watch his mates when they are in trouble. Kohan is a name that defines good will and integrity. Although kohan can get himself into trouble by not slowing down and thinking things through his heart is always in the right place and his intentions always come from a good place.
Kohan is a great mate!
Kohan is always trying his best to be a good person!

Kohan is unlike anyone I have ever met!!
by Can’t see me May 10, 2019
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