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When in loathing with someone or just a fit of spazmatic rage, you proceed to vomit ("up-chuck") in the offenders face followed immediately by a swift punch to the face.

Also: knuckle-chucked, knuckle-chucking
Ted was being such a d-bag yesterday that without really thinking I knuckle-chucked that punk.
by PiratesLifeForMe_AAR April 18, 2008
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1. Noun. The male ejaculate by way of manual masterbation.
2.Noun. Derogatory name give to person in place of "jerk offs." Commonly used in military environments where swearing or more conventional insults are discouraged.
"Listen here you little knuckle chucks. You best not be messing things up!"
by Makinnak January 13, 2017
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