A country bumpkin who pees off the front porch, throws stones at visitors, and fashions his own tractor implements. Will occasionally be spotted cutting off chicken's heads with scissors. Often marries above his station
You can dress up a Klassen, but you can't take him out in public.
by B. M00r3 October 19, 2013
To give sensible, honest, rational, yet extremely vexatious advice to someone. Often comes in the form of inspirational quotes or logical solutions.
"Fuck you, stop Klassening me and go buy me some beer."
"Will you fuck off and stop trying to yank on the wheel while I drive?" "God, you're always Klassening me."
by fordjanet December 1, 2013
The cutest rastafarian on the planet. He has the maine of a lions, lips like soft billowy pillows and is the best kisser in the world.
"Hey man, I'd have some Wayne anyday, but mostly at night. With a cherry on top."
"Hey, Lion Boy!"
by la léona January 9, 2005
klassen kirill, im so blessed to have the best man ever 🙏🏻
by kamatoznik September 15, 2017
Shea Klassen is the most mighty human alive and wields the power of all the gods.His shmeat is the size of 420 blue whale at birth.He can sit on his enemies to defeat the they stand no chance against this immortal being that even he devil is scared of.Although he dose not have sex with men nor women he only has sex with Brodie's NO HOMO.
1.hi how are you Shea Klassen good how are you human
by big dawg42069 August 17, 2022