A womans unshaved hairy vagina.
"She didn't show me her boobs, she showed me her kitty cat though.
by Logan April 14, 2005
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A man who loves the fashionable clothes like the ladies, with the pinkish colors (british coll.)
John: That dapper dandy is the cat's meow!
Mary: What a fine kitty cat!

by Samson Popowitz October 12, 2007
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The sweetest, cutest, funniest, most adorable being you will ever see in your entire life and beyond. Has the legendary ability to mind control you to pet them using only their faces and eyes, will occasionally do something super addictively cute like trying to grab your limbs and hands or chasing your feet just to keep you interested in petting them.

They have won. The kitty war has been finished a long time ago. We had no chance. We humans are their slaves now. We must obey.
Yo Jay, look at my kitty cat!

Oml Jeff. He is literally the best ever. Let me pet him.

After my turn, Jay!

No! Let ME let him!!!!

by Dragonkin56 June 22, 2018
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A feline, mostly a housecat, that is in between the kitten and adult age.
Woman 1: Wow, that cat is so cute! It doesn't look like an adult, though.
Woman 2: Oh! I believe that is a Kitty Cat; In between the kitten and adult age.
by Kitty Catty March 13, 2017
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1.A sexy minx like woman
2.A foxay lady
3.A feline femme fatale
"Hey,did you see Catherine!?"
"Oh, yeh, Cat sure is a kitty cat!"
by Nicole123456 March 7, 2008
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A mature female vagina. It purrs when it gets attention.
by fuquaystone March 11, 2018
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