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Donald Trump.
The fashion trend of arrogant authority.
Donald Trump is quite Trumpy today, I see.

Yes good sir, in fact, I am Trumpy as well!

Your shirt looks pretty Trumpy.

The way you are talking to me is kind of Trumpy, Susan.
by Dragonkin56 June 21, 2018

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The sweetest, cutest, funniest, most adorable being you will ever see in your entire life and beyond. Has the legendary ability to mind control you to pet them using only their faces and eyes, will occasionally do something super addictively cute like trying to grab your limbs and hands or chasing your feet just to keep you interested in petting them.

They have won. The kitty war has been finished a long time ago. We had no chance. We humans are their slaves now. We must obey.
Yo Jay, look at my kitty cat!

Oml Jeff. He is literally the best ever. Let me pet him.

After my turn, Jay!

No! Let ME let him!!!!

by Dragonkin56 June 21, 2018

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The best fucking movies/TV shows you ever will see in your ENTIRE LIFE. Is full of amazing robot bois who kick constant ass and take all the names. Seriously. Inter species marriage should be aloud for this scenario.
Omg I just finished watching all the Transformers movies, Jane.

Holy shit Kyle! You serious!? Why didn't you invite me!?!?

You would've eaten all my popcorn.

by Dragonkin56 June 22, 2018

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What you say when you're in a tense situation and give in to peer pressure because you want friends that badly.
Why the fuck not, man?

Oh, hell...why the fuck not.

You know what? Why the fuck not.
by Dragonkin56 February 22, 2018

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A somewhat ridiculous meme having something to do with the mispronounciation of 'penis' and anime-style Pepsi, also known as Bepsi.
Dude...have you seen the meme Bepis yet?

Oh fuck! Look, Bepis!


My answer to that is Bepis.
by Dragonkin56 February 28, 2018

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A fucking female dog, you gross person. What did you EXPECT to see on here?
You're a bitch for searching up bitch.
by Dragonkin56 June 22, 2018

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