A sausage made from a variety of different dried meats, Eastern European in origin. Also a song was written, "Who Stole the Kishka".
by Gerhardt Whulrassen June 14, 2003
when you take a crap take the crap and stick it back up
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
Refers to the stuffed intestine. It's a dish commonly found in eastern Europe.

This word kishka can be used to refer to the insides of a person.

It's from the Slavic language which means the "guts" of one's body.
Example1-"She was pouring out her kishkas to me"
"No I mean like she was pouring out all her emotions from inside "
"Oh few"

Example 2- "mmmm this is some delicious kishka "
by StacyTheTree November 23, 2016
Plural. Jewish/Yiddish slang for a person's intestines or digestive system.
"I remember that when they announced from the radio the explosion of the first atomic bomb, he said aloud, 'maybe that would do the job.' But all catharses were in vain for that man: his KISHKAS were gripped by the iron hand of outrage and frustration. Among his other misfortunes, I was his wife's favourite"
- Portnoy, talking about his father's constipation. From 'Portnoy's Complaint', by Philip Roth
by Chicken Pants November 10, 2006
Means intestines, but also can refer to breasts.
grandmother to granddaughter: "your kishkas are hanging out!"
granddaughter: *pulls up shirt*
by UnVeiledByWords December 23, 2008