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verb: To kirk. (kirking)
To go crazy, to flip out, to wig out, to lunch out violently.

Derived from the way captain kirk regulates when people upset him.

dc slang.
A: "Why is you kirkin over that trick nigga?"
B: "That hoe hooked up with my dogg last night."

A: "If one more nigga touches my new kicks i'm gonna kirk out.

A: "This chicken head was kirkin last night at the party and broke all types of shit."
by luke knudson October 20, 2006
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Turnt up to a certain level of extremity. Intoxicated and leaning, drunk as hell and fiending. Also can refer to intoxication of codeine or promethazine aka Drank
The club is poppin right now, two bottles of ciroc and nuvo? Hell yea, we kirkin'!
by Mr. H Town September 16, 2012
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slang used when explaining that someone likes another person alot.
He is kirkin you.
He really likes you alot, he is whipped on you.
by Lyss February 22, 2005
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