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Kinku is the Japanese verb meaning "to be kinky". It can be conjugated as a godan verb. Thus, the polite future tense is kinkimasu. The impolite command form is thus kinke. The verb should always be conjugated as the polite form, otherwise it loses significance (with the exception of the command form). For example, the polite "let's" form is kinkimasho whereas the impolite form is kinko. One obviously sounds more natural than the other.
White man John says to Mayu after a few drinks at the bar "Mayu-san, konya kinkimasho!" (Mayu, let's do kinky tonight). Obviously, it's the polite "let's" form of kinku.
by Big Cornholio June 20, 2009
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The feeling of failure after attempting a sexual innuendo.
At the lunch table, a fellow student takes your seat. In response, you say, "You suck." Immediately after, he replies, "Your mom sucks in bed!" Shortly after the seat-stealer feels the failure of a bad innuendo, or kinku.
by Aldevar Bialnecov December 28, 2008
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a euphemism for the female vagina (as opposed to the male).
Guy 1: dude did you see her vagina?

Guy 2: no just her kinkus
by Leigh P October 23, 2008
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