Tight group made up of D-LOC and Richter from the kottonmouth kings. Have the best rhymes and best beats (by kumagai).
"So who be spaded, jaded and faded, KINGSPADE!"
by slashhhhhhh October 4, 2004
a hip-hop and that gets down....
richter and d-loc
.........kottonmouth kings + srh= kingspade
damn kingspade is tight....they really get down..
by harley August 24, 2004
A rap/hip-hop clique formed by two guys; D-Loc and Richter. Whom in which are both from KottonMouth Kings. They rap mostly about, sex, weed, alcohol, and other drugs.
Dammmn D-Loc and Richter from Kingspade are HOOOOOOT ASSSS motha fuckassss <3 ;) You Kweens out there know what I'm sayin'!
by DGAF KWEEN March 20, 2005
Quite possibly the best rapping artist to ever be created, their music is brilliant, flawless sound and tunes. Most probably located in California.
I listened to kingspade last night, it was the shiz!
by Kyle March 20, 2005
The Clique known as KingSpade is runned by the greatest in all Underground Hip-Hop. Dustin "D-loc" Miller, and the infamous Tim "Johnny Richter" McNutt. D-loc and J Ric are also known as two of the Kotton Mouth Kings. They have released over 6 cd's while "PTE" is still they're leading record yet.
Jake: Dude what the fuck does your hat say on it?

Kevin: KingSpade, dont be fucking hating bitch. Fuck the haters
by Zach Ramirez April 20, 2009
"Keep it Kingspade" or "Keepin it Kingspade" is a slogan which means "To keep a Kingspade lifestyle" or to toke bud and reek havoc all the time. It's used similarly to the "DGAF style" and was derived from a 904-SRH.
Jared: So do you still smoke weed?
Chris: I keep it Kingspade everyday.
by Nymphetamine2791 December 31, 2010