Very annoying and unfortunately, a regular of many forums of GameTalk.

He's argumentitive, uses quotes when replying, and is turned on by Shaq Fu. Very odd.

One good thing: he's way too awesome to use any capitalization.
and they dont PWN me with any points in that one that got 116 posts half of it was ydn saying "noes wae i PWN'D j00"
by without tgt January 03, 2005
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A Royalty of sexual positions: The Girl pressed up against the headboard of a hotel bed on her knees, while the guy is up against her, riding her hard from behind and simultaneously pulling her hair.

Alternative: Standing up against a hotel window overlooking the city; same positioning.
Extra points for a sexy boutique hotel. (Eg. The Nelligan, The Drake, The Thompson, The Viceroy)
Alternative 2: The guy is lying with head at headboard using one hand to stimulate her Nipples and the other hand grabbing her ass, while she rides his face, still pressing her body against the headboard.
I love to do the King Edward when we first check into a hotel.
by Mollyh September 28, 2019
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