The most amazing person you will ever meet. She will brighten your day with her beautiful aura and breathtaking smile. She has gorgeous locks that frame her face perfectly. Her laugh may scare you but don't let turn you away as she is one of the most loyal, generous, beautiful, intelligent, funny girls you will ever meet and you will be blessed to be in her presence.

ps do u wanna fight m8
pps owen stinks
ppps bssmr = bunnings snag suck ma rag
pppps vote me as ur president i will make america gr8 again

yeet- im a little aussie legend
I love Kinae so much, she makes me so happy. I hope Zion Kuwonu loves her as much as I do.
by panini xoxo gossip girl April 13, 2018
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A beautiful, wonderful woman. Very unique in every single way. Gives love and looks for the same in return and not quick to take. Don't likes to be let down. Loves make-up. If she can make you happy she will.
Oh my god look that Kinae! She is perfect.
by Kinae May 29, 2017
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