The most amazing person you will ever meet. She will brighten your day with her beautiful aura and breathtaking smile. She has gorgeous locks that frame her face perfectly. Her laugh may scare you but don't let turn you away as she is one of the most loyal, generous, beautiful, intelligent, funny girls you will ever meet and you will be blessed to be in her presence.

ps do u wanna fight m8
pps owen stinks
ppps bssmr = bunnings snag suck ma rag
pppps vote me as ur president i will make america gr8 again

yeet- im a little aussie legend
I love Kinae so much, she makes me so happy. I hope Zion Kuwonu loves her as much as I do.
by panini xoxo gossip girl March 27, 2018
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She ain't stank too much but loves her fucking food. If you see her eating a dick don't be surprised because she is probs on her period and can do anal rn so call back when u can. She loves a good meal from Maccas and her order stays the same a mcdick and a large frozen cum from sogoman.. you'll often find her fucking Ronald Mcdonald in the children's hospital bathrooms, even sometimes a threesome with the sick kids with cancer. kina is part deaf from all the cum in her ears blocking her from hearing u. DONT FORGET TO CUM IN HER ARMPITS !... also make sure u tell her to shave that big bush on that floppy pussy otherwise you'll be getting some herpes !!!!!! there are so many creases and flabbs in her pussy u dont know which ones the hole to stick it in.
Sick kid- "wheres Ronald"
doctor- "fucking kina Talaki"
by poppyohpoo November 27, 2019
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Referring to a verbal exchange during which one party uses thoroughly condescending language to the point of being confrontational; often inspiring in a physical defensive response on behalf of the offended individual.
Oh, hell no! I slapped that bitch D.O. W. N.

Now she know she can't be talkin' to me just any kina' way.
That's right!
by YAWA February 22, 2016
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The sun god from hawaii. Also used as a greeting.
Matt walks up to a group of friends and says "Kina Koona Lannie"
by Molaki May 19, 2010
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A sikh jain strategy conducted with mackrel with tomatoes sauce a plot conducted every monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday or Sunday by the sikh jain coalition Tuesday is a chouce that we either buy or sell. This an approach to god and his benefits from chanting learned by the ladies of japan. Though China is top sellling the general toast chicken with rice.
Kahiem Roel: yall can laugh and i ger my 5% thats why i try not to laugh period i dont give 5% unless you deserve it

Cup of water ?

Yeahhhhhh!!! Mada kina
by Jinaist Policies June 07, 2021
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Submissive; Waifu; Cosplayer; A Dirty Kina lives to serve her Master in every way she can from cosplaying and posing in 'questionable' positions for photos to taking it however he wants. She worships her Master and everything about him.
Do you have a Dirty Kina? You need one if you don't because they're unicorns.
by _0_Kina_0_ June 28, 2021
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