2 definitions by Tim_

1. Used by someone who doesn't want anything to do with the idea being proposed.
2. Used during argument between couples in a half-threatening manner to imply that if you do do it there will be consequences.
1. "Do whatever the fuck you want, your plan sucks anyways."

2. "Tim sold his bike because he bought it without the approval of his wife, apparently "Do whatever the fuck you want" doesn't mean what he thought."
by Tim_ May 17, 2009
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Used to express opposition or disagreement by someone who really is powerless to do anything against what you are about to do.

A false threat, unless used by a Hell's Angels during a gang war.
1. I swear I'll kill you if you touch my chocolate bar.
2. I'll kill you if you sleep with my boyfriend.
by Tim_ May 17, 2009
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