The worst of all chat-ups.
Used by men who's father's never schooled them on
"picking up a lady".
Nicola: Woah, I like your tattoo
Josh: Get in the van.
by Terry Lee January 27, 2008
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A fun game to play when there is literally nothing better to do. Get a random phone number and text "Get in the Van".

Works well on drunk people.
Bored person: Get in the van!

Drunk person: Okay. Where is it?

Bored person: Right outside your house.

Drunk person: I looked. I don't see it.
by prissorsxrawks October 5, 2009
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The last words that most children hear

These people r pedophiles.

They will give u nothing.
Man "get into my van. I have vbucks and robux. Just get into my van."

Retarded ass child "Ok sure." (picks nose and eats the booger)

Man rapes child.
by ARockWithLegs December 19, 2019
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