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1)A very well known flash. Shows a video of an animated child with words coming up on the screen in Taiwanese, but turns into a horrifying face.
1) If you think you are brave, go online and watch kikia.
by Anonymous December 24, 2003
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Kikia is a flash animation that was originally posted on an unkown chinese forum by the user "Netspooky". It originally stated that it was a prank "screamer" and was meant to be used as a chain email. People were curious about it and watched it. The movie plays like this:

Panel 1: An animated boy is sitting on a poorly drawn grass field looking up at the sky. Some Taiwanese characters are printed as if they are being typed out. This lasts for about 2 or 3 seconds.

Panel 2: The boy is standing in a poorly drawn market place and looking up at the sky more Taiwanese appears in the same way. 2 or 3 seconds.

The screamer: After the last part a white screen flashes and a face in night vision appears leaning towards the camera. The face can be clearly seen to be animated, because the face is from a video game called Fatal Frame II. A distorted scream can be heard for a short while.

KIKIA appears in yellow letters afterwards in an eerie fashion. It ends.

Most people think that kikia is incredibly scary, but to be honest, its prettey amateur. The potential "shock" is not there as the face slowly appears rather than in a startling fashion. So don't be too afraid to watch it.
It's eerie, but not that scary to watch kikia
by TheUnderdoggsReturn November 07, 2009
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An animation known everywhere to children. Capable of scaring the living S*** out of anyone. The face belonging to a child known as Rawle Harding.
Catherine, it was a living hell, with the cuts, and the bruses, and the slices! I ran into my room, threw the pillow over my head, and from that moment on, I knew my house was haunted.
by Blotto Mustard February 23, 2003
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Blotto mustard, what do you know about Rawle Harding? We've seen the video everywhere and we know nothing about it... does anybody?
HELP! We need to find out what this means!! Please!!! Desperation
by Sunny & Bunny March 06, 2004
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