Hey man look at that kikay girl on the stage she looks hot!!!
by bravesoul October 17, 2004
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The best duo I ever had in Valorant. Amazing at clutching rounds. Never a dull moment when I'm in with this person. Always the best moments when I'm playing with her. Even though her laugh is obnoxious at times, I can't get enough of it. Especially when she calls me by my ign, even though its not the way it should sound, I don't mind, I like it. She's a ray of sunshine in a gloomy day.
There will never be another kikay in this world, other than you.
by your key May 11, 2022
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Filipino slang word for someone (female) who loves make-up, fashion, accessories and the likes.
Even though they are twins, it is easy to identify who is who. The other one is simple and sporty, while the other one is "kikay" and loves to dress up.
by kikaygirl April 15, 2011
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Kikai can be both an adjective or a noun. As as adjective, you would use Kikai to describe someone who openly despises most of those around them, is constantly angered, likes cursing and electrical spears, is attracted to drag queens and pretty women, would ditch their kid if they decided they didn't like parenting, and likes to look edgy.

As a noun, Kikai can be used as a weapon against assholes who won't go away. You can get your Kikai at any gay bar- just look in the corner where no one goes. You'll find one, but beware. They bite, scream, and wave their electric spears around very violently. Handle with care.
Person A: shoot, this guy won't leave me alone!
Person B: time to take out Kikai.
Kikai: *loud screaming with lots of profanities sprinkled in*

Person A: you're being a real Kikai right now.
Person B: *stabs them with electric spear*
by Captain Shipper February 19, 2020
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A cute filipino girl. Popularized by the Filipino pop song Sayaw Kikay (Dance Kikay).
I'm such a kikay!

La la la la la... mahilig mag pa cute, aye! Kikay! (lyrics from song Sayaw Kikay)
by Ellie Rae May 13, 2007
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she’s so kikay
by fantasywizards October 27, 2020
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