another word for a kitten created by juuls and is now v popular ugh her impact🥺
i want a kiggy so bad
i’d name her athena
by juulsbiggestfan July 21, 2019
Kiggy (noun) ; to be the kindest, funniest, most loving and talented person around. If your a kiggy then you don’t hesitate to hug someone if you can tell their down. Your very humble and sometimes shy but you always find little ways to make people fall in love with you. Your one of the hardest things to let go of and one of the easiest things to love. Kiggy’s are special. Never let go of a kiggy if you get the chance to meet one. Kiggy is a best friend.
I just met kiggy, I think I’m in love
by Emtho1234pf November 11, 2017
1. A kiss and a hug, given at the same time.
2. Showing affection through a kiss and a hug.
Jill: Jack! *kiss and hugs*
Jack: Yay! I get a kiggy! *kiss and hugs back*
by Ray Darkwolf February 28, 2008
A Kid who overeats. Kid+Piggy=Kiggy.
Mother: Johnny stop being a kiggy
by Uterus.69 August 16, 2020
When you see a cute cat, typically a chonky one :)
by Ginmi September 5, 2019
Woah you have a pig that looks like a kiggy
by Kiggy101 April 24, 2018