3 definitions by gr4v3y4rdsh1ft

the sound you make when you see BTS playing live on your tv. or honestly whenever you feel like it. you might have said it in 7th grade every 5 seconds.
did yall hear what they were saying into that vaseline container in the bush??? i think it was SKAKAKAKAKAKAKA
by gr4v3y4rdsh1ft January 9, 2021
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first of all you look like you're staring into somebody's soul, the mans on the left.. he somebody's dad for sure. 40 year old man loooks part demon too.. Grab the belt john he boutta whoop some child’s ass. bro the guy on the top left definitely got his haircut at grandmas house I think she forgot he’s a dude. and simon.. if this picture was among us.. you are def the imposterr... looking like you're about to go stab someone 100 times in their slump.. hella sus... thats why im scared bruh
damn bro did you hear about how ayla made that absolute work of art?
by gr4v3y4rdsh1ft December 22, 2020
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when you wanna kill yourself and die but you accidentally say both at the same time
by gr4v3y4rdsh1ft December 9, 2021
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