A joke, situation, or event that is both sick and funny...

Also, a joke, situation, or event that makes you laugh so hard, you need medical attention
Derived from the words comedy and medical.
watching Sarah Palin pardon a turkey at thanksgiving while other turkeys were being slaughtered in the background was very comedical
by zino0 August 22, 2010
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funny, a state of funny
Stoner's joke was comedical, and made me laugh until I bled out of my naughty places.
by StonerHilm April 6, 2008
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1.) verb. To be funny.
2.) What comedians do.

It only makes sense.
Stupid English language. If haters hate, comedians comede dammit.
Douchey McChuulerson comeded on your status.
by hamalololol September 16, 2010
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comedication is the act of communicating through the art of comedy.
That Andy sure can't have a normal conversation. I think he suffers from comedication. He always has to throw in a stupid joke just to answer a simple question.

Q: Andy, do you know what time it is?

A: Yeah, it's half past a monkey's ass, quarter to his balls. No, it's really 9:45 am.
by Mitchell man September 23, 2009
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comedical- a mix between comical and comedic. Something i said when i was tired and talking about the bible
That bible, it's comedical!
by pandasarerobots December 12, 2009
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The measure of how comedic something is.
"This shit has so much comedicity in it."

May comedicity rule the place.
by Sami translator October 21, 2012
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When you are so funny by yourself that you laugh out loud without any participation by a partner.

Progresses from a small grin to a smile to a quiet giggle and then quickly reaches the climactic event of an audible belly laugh, or LOL. Following climax, tissue is often used to dry resulting wetness occuring in the ocular region.
My humor is not always understood by others and I frequently find myself involuntarily engaging in comedic masturbation.
by K-Rista-Raaah July 23, 2016
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