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An disappointment after having wasted a lot of effort on something.
We spent so much time working on Rhapsody in Blue last term, and because of the France Tour, orchestra rehearsals have been cancelled this term so now we'll have to relearn the whole piece next term. It's a real kick in the dick for all of us.
by Gershwin lover April 03, 2010
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1.) A disappointment
2.) What happens to a man because:
-He's being an arrogant bastard
-His girlfriend/wife probably needed to control him
-His girlfriend/wife was probably a sadistic bitch who wanted to see him in pain so she could laugh at him hysterically
1.) I got the score for my finals back. They were a kick in the dick; I totally failed...
2.) Jennie kicked Claude in the dick because he was an arrogant bastard... and she was a sadistic bitch and just wanted a cheap, shallow thrill.
by mrdonn May 27, 2011
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