1)Percieved as mostly negative external stimuli intended to have a lasting impact on the subject. Figurative speech

2)To be swiftly struck below the belt, but above the knees by another person's foot, while wearing clothing. Literally

3) To be struck with another's foot in the pelvic, groin, or rear end.
A mother took away her son's allowance, which was just the kick in the pants the son needed to start doing his chores.

September 11th was the kick in the pants that caused America to start actively hunting terrorists, rather than waiting for them to strike.

Johnny gave Don a swift kick in the pants, but luckily Don was not badly injured.
by Michael Wilkinson December 01, 2003
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A politically correct way of saying "Kick in the nuts" normally used in a proverbial context.
The morning news caster, Jennifer Van der Hoff, stated that the democratic party was dealt a Kick in the pants yesterday when the latest book about Hillary Clinton unveiled her past wire tapping incidents.
by adust99 October 17, 2007
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Usually a replacement to a "good job well done". Not derogatory, but not as satisfying as a bonus check, or even a bit of recognition
I thought I was going to get a bonus for my hard work, but all I got was a "kick in the pants"
by emaes January 18, 2012
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