1. a phrase used to shoo away annoying people in a relatively respectful/feel good manner who are trying to tell you how great they can do something.

2. a phrase to use when you are legitimately happy for someone.
1. davey: dude, did you see the awesome lamp i made in woodshop the other day? it was cool huh?

joe: (half ignoring him, trying to get him to het the hint and leave) mhm.

davey: ya see man, all you need to do after you have the overall design done out on the lathe, you need to go-

joe: yeah dude. go kick ass. im actually kinda busy right now.

2. lynn: im so excited! i finally learned that swimming trick the other day!

annie: go kick ass, lynn! thats great!
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A measure of an individual's, group's, nation's, etc's ability to kick ass in any given competition.
"Dude... what's up with France... their kick ass quotient is nonexistent!"
by Andrew Spotts June 6, 2007
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a person who can do whatever he/she wants and calls everyone a clown. Also lives a hardcore gangsta life 24/7
Did you see the way Kimmy called Jr./Jenna/Alex a clown? She is so kick ass cool
by k-funk August 14, 2006
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to kick ass at sth
-Alessandro always kicks ass at school.
by CeciG. September 22, 2006
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Phrase used in reference to someone or something that is having multiple successes in succession. kicking ass - Kicking someone or something's ass, beating, defeating an opponent at a task. taking names - Recording a list of future contestants who will have also be beaten or defeated in the defined task.
Aunt Betty-Joe was kicking ass and taking names at bingo last night.
by Jesse Bilsten April 14, 2006
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The day you get to beat tf fuck out of someone
“Damn damazia beat tf out of those kids that were talking shit about him.that’s national kick ass day”
by That’s that dude April 12, 2019
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A phrase that someone uses to warn his surroundings about violence that is about to happen. First used in the 1988 movie "They Live". Later used by Duke Nukem, phrased slightly different as: "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of gum."
by Koeken December 22, 2011
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