kinda funny, used in the world of text messaging and instant messaging. everyone has found themselves at one point or another saying "lol" when you aren't really "laughing out loud", "kf" fills in the void that seperates the "histerical" from the "not funny". its for those things that are humorous but not enough to cause you to bust out laughing.
Bob: Guess what i saw today...

Sue: What?

Bob: I saw this old guy yelling at a student and fall going up the steps today, then got up and kept talkin as if nothing happened.

Sue:Thats what he get, kf
by kelanddenney18 April 24, 2007
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stands for king frier, the king of getting high
person 1: dude i got so high last night, like higher then anyone has before

person 2: you're a kf for sure
by hellooooooooooooooooooooooo October 01, 2009
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short for kickflip which is a manover in skateboarding where the board does a full flip. while u bring your front foot up you take it to the side and kick it to make it flip. the basic move that most other moves come from.
That kf backside 5050 was sick!
by KayC October 05, 2006
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Abbreviation of Killing Floor, a co-op survival horror game for the PC.
S0M3R4ND0MKFPL4Y3R: Hey dude, wanna play some KF?

AMark336699: Hell yeah! We're gonna rack up mad dosh!
by Brison. August 26, 2012
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Keen for skeef - A psychological disease that a person gets with symptoms such as thinking about sex all the time and wanting to have sex all the time.
"I'm so KFS bro, I could do her right now."
by anthlanty May 13, 2009
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Generic name for any fast-food restaurant.
Michael: What sounds good for dinner?
Julie: Let's stay home and cook. I'm sick of always eating KF McWendy's.
by Mikeyramone74 March 22, 2010
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a few hours after you have KFC your stomach feels really bad because their chicken quality is shit, you take a diarhea that feels like you shit broken glass. it makes you sad face :(
Allen -hey jake wanna get some KFC?

Jake - sure man i want extra drumsticks

3 hrs later...

allen - omg we shouldnt have gotten KFC i just had the KFS (Kentucky Fried Shits)

Jake - yeah me too...

Allen- u used my other bathroom to shit
KFS? damn you use your own bathroom bitch!
by Allah nijad October 12, 2008
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