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Ecchi is a word that has two related but VERY different meanings in Japanese and English respectivly.

English: Ecchi in English speaking anime fandom is considered to mean mildly perverted. It is used to describe anime and manga with panty shots, the occasional nipple, sexual humour, and other forms of fanservice but does not actualy conatain sex.

Japanese: In the Japanese usage "ecchi" literaly means "sex". When the Japanese refer to "ecchi anime" they mean what English speakers would call "hentai", which in Japan is used to mean "pervert"
English: Its not hentai! Its just ecchi!
Japanese: Ano hentai wa ecchi anime ga suki desu.
Translation: That pervert(hentai) likes sex(ecchi) anime.
by Mecharonin February 04, 2008
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1 (verb) An archaic English word meaning "know" Still used in Scottish dialects. Cognate to the modern German "Kennen"
Conjugations (for old English): you/I/they ken, he/she/it kenneth, thou ken(n)st
past tense: kent

2 (noun) A somewhat archaic word meaning "understanding". Still technicaly a word in modern English. Sometimes used in fantasy settings to evoke a more medieval feel.
1 Old English: "Ken(n)st thou this man?"
Scottish: "Dae ye ken this man?"
Translation: "Do you know this man?"

2 "The elves possess arts and majicks beyond human ken."
by Mecharonin February 04, 2008
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