The kult that worships the almighty KEK, an ancient god dating back to egyptian time.
The Kults want a free Kekistan, where all can worship the almighty KEK in peace
The Kult of KEK is a religion of peace
by The Almighty KEK June 12, 2017
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A smoll boy that got rejected by his crush Joy. Is very horny always and is 60% gay. Is FCE partners with the legendary,mythical,magical,awesome urban dictionary word creator RCKOS.
Evan Kek: Would you date me?
Joy: I'm sorry,you're not my type
Joy: We can still be best friends right?
Evan Kek: ......
by RCKOS February 19, 2020
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A pair of trousers with a crazy design or pattern, best worn with a plain shirt to look more outrageous.
"Fucking hell Dan they're some mad keks you're wearing!"
by Bare new sayings March 23, 2015
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To laugh out loud

Simple Past: kak
Past Participle: kuk

can also be used as a regular verb (slang)
To kek, or not to kek, that is the question

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta make my friends kek

Sarah kak vigorously when she saw the picture

Was with my bro last night and we couldn't stop kekking
by pipiepatate June 30, 2017
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Top Kek means the same as the Christian equivalent Praise God/Yahweh or the Muslim one Allah Ackbar. So in that sense it means; Kek is Great, Praise our lord Kek and etc. Instead of saying all that people say topkek because it's shorter and more impact

Top kek can mean many things, while the opposite is true for the Islamic Religion, their deity has a vast array of name, such as Allah (Moon God).

It is important for the Covenant of Kek to continue to use top kek wherever and whenever, so that heretics may realise their wrongdoings and convert.
It seems as the meme has revived an ancient forgotten god, thanks our prophet Pepe we we see the truth, Top Kek
by Elixz February 08, 2017
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