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A cool kid who is super nice and always makes jokes to make people laugh!👌🏼
Wow did you see the new kid?

Ya he is super nice and funny must be a keiren!!
by Sbdnnskend wxbjes. July 05, 2016
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Cool guy who always makes you laugh and is super nice. Amazing kisser and has an enormous dick. A person who is always there for you and has the body of a god. One of those people who you will always Remember because of what they have done
Have you seen the new kid Keiren he is super nice.
by A humbled genius September 12, 2017
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Keiren is the bestest friend you will ever meet. You might not ever see him irl but he is still your favourite. He lies a lot but always tells his closest friends the truth. His Ex's are assholes and can't keep their mouths shut.
Keiren is amazing
by Taziedevil July 11, 2018
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