You all know elf on a shelf...
But now it's KEEFE ON A LEAF!
*referring to keefe sencen from kotlc*
hey did you see the keefe on a leaf meme? It's so funny!
by GrackDaWeirdo October 28, 2021
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When a nigga hits the bong so hard he starts to cough blowing smoke everywhere finishing the bowl
Damn he really keef that shit
by Therealkeefer December 23, 2018
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Keef Tomsum is a term that is often used to describe a tall black man who actually freed the slaves. His large hands and feet, coupled with an inordinately small car, all serve to suggest an incredibly large dick that has been proved to extend farther than the ends of the universe. Not to be confused with the other lesser-known Snickers member, Keem Tomlinson.
Person 1: Is that two guns in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Person 2: ...that's a nine mil and a nine inch.
Person 1: Okay then mister Keef Tomsum.

Person 1: What the fuck is that? That's gotta be at least nine inches!
Person 2: Yeah, I call him little Keef Tomsum.
by balzinjawz November 24, 2021
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A very powerful person. When Yannis enters the room, everybody stands and salutes him. He works 25 hours a day and has 32 current jobs. Some notable ones are CEO of Yannis and Co., Senator of NY, Senator of CA, Senator of WI, and world renowned philanthropist.
I look up to Yannis Keef. I am jealous of his power and money. I look up to Yannis so much I have made Yannisism my main religion!
by Husdon Keeler January 22, 2022
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