Keef - the ultimate downway, the most down direction.
They went farther then the most *keef* of places, including Antarctica.
by Freaky 😏 February 17, 2021
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A "Keef Ball" is keef wrapped around a rolling paper in a ball that you smoke. You can put this in your bowl to smoke out of a bong or pipe or you can put it in the middle of your joint to smoke.
Aye did you roll up that keef ball yet? Cause i'm trying to get high as a muther fucker right now!
by sshort November 13, 2018
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hottest man. he is loveable and super sweet. he has troubles at home but that doesn’t stop him from being the best friend he can be. he is always there for people. he is also super funny. but be careful he hides his problems with his humor. even though he’s always struggling, he makes sure his friends are okay before he fixes his life. keefe is loyal and kind. if he makes a mistake he always makes sure to fix it.
that guy was super loyal!

was his name keefe?
by teamfosterkeefe June 19, 2022
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a handsome boy. he is loveable and super funny. he is ver y loyal and is always there for you. even though it seems like he has the best life, he has troubles of his own. he won’t let his troubles stop him from helping someone else though. if you have a keefe in your life, keep him close and keep him forever. he needs you and you need him
bro he was so cool
he was probably a keefe
by teamfosterkeefe June 20, 2022
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Company that makes instant coffee made available only in jail or prison.
"Damn dude I drank too much Keefe and shat my pants!"
by Fdapigs1312 July 14, 2022
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My reason for living. Thank the gods for Shannon Messenger and her amazing mind.
I am madly in love with keefe science, who is a fictional character.
by Mossy_moss_moss March 15, 2022
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Noun: a type of ejaculation so explosive that it causes shockwaves of eruption so forceful that it shakes the earth and foundation of any building it occurs in.
Kelsey forced me to release a keef bomb by twanging my jewels.

Heater nems went keefe bombing last night at the party.
by ballplayer182 March 23, 2022
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