Chief keef is upset in his monologue because the “fuckers” are always in a barber shop talking shit about him (keef 45). Chief keef is telling these “fuckers” to “shut the fuck up” (keef 45). He then says that they are not shit he goes on to rant about these so called “fuckers” (keef 45). Eventually he keef states that if “another one of y’all motherfcukers starts talking shit about chief lied I’m fucking beating they ass (hits fist to hand with a bang)” (keef 47). That is the chief keef (love Sosa monologue).
Thomas talks to elijah about the chief keef (love Sosa monologue) at fye BEBINATOR practice.
by BEBINATOR January 16, 2019
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Noun; (Err-th key-f) the fine dust particles that sneak through your window screen and sprinkle your home with the smells of Arizona.
What’s that?” ‘Oh, that’s just some earth keef , don’t worry bout it
by BlandersoonCooper March 26, 2018
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the really strong, orgasmic, heavenly powder shit in the bottom of a weed grinder that gets you fucked
bro i did a bucket with only keef in it, greened out and puked all over your sisters room... sorry
by dank-bastard-420 June 7, 2022
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Keef - the ultimate downway, the most down direction.
They went farther then the most *keef* of places, including Antarctica.
by Freaky 😏 February 17, 2021
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A "Keef Ball" is keef wrapped around a rolling paper in a ball that you smoke. You can put this in your bowl to smoke out of a bong or pipe or you can put it in the middle of your joint to smoke.
Aye did you roll up that keef ball yet? Cause i'm trying to get high as a muther fucker right now!
by sshort November 13, 2018
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hottest man. he is loveable and super sweet. he has troubles at home but that doesn’t stop him from being the best friend he can be. he is always there for people. he is also super funny. but be careful he hides his problems with his humor. even though he’s always struggling, he makes sure his friends are okay before he fixes his life. keefe is loyal and kind. if he makes a mistake he always makes sure to fix it.
that guy was super loyal!

was his name keefe?
by teamfosterkeefe June 19, 2022
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