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to fill one's self with meat
Jake is going to kedge all day.
by phycokrat January 31, 2007
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To fit between anything. Literal to its name, this word is used as a space filler in case someone forgets a word. Earliest usage was by A.G in 2005
Example 1: That guy just kedged between me and the other car

Example 2:

Q: How will the two of you come to Chicago
A: We will just Kedge and come
by johns1 April 02, 2013
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(usually)a drunken bastard with an 80% chance to swear and 50% chance to get owned by ret pallys.
Q: Did you see that kedge in WSG?
A: Yea i pwnt him, im ret.
by ZeKedgenatorPWNR May 29, 2008
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