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An informal Somali word, widely used by the urban Somali youths, (now spreading wider to the urban youths e.g Jamaicans and Arabs, of other communities), that roughly translates to tricking, pranking or manipulating someone, and/or taking advantage of a situation. It stems from the Somali words "iga waalay" that are of the same meaning as mentioned above.
Farax - yo macalin, I got dat ting, da mixed one from dat tim westwood rave with the phat batty on lock stylllllllllll. 😎😎

Abdi - nah fam, miss me with that shit styl, don't kawal man.
by Araweelo July 09, 2016
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When someone is telling a lie like a story,who they kiss,or how many ppl they slept with,ect.
bob says,"yooo man i got a kiss last night", Nick says "KAWAL"
by Dj.Millz April 15, 2008
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Kawal” is originally a punjabi name, usually used as a nickname by brown people. It means “Lotus flower/water lily” and it is an original name, not many use this name but it’s suuuper cute!
- “Kawal, you’re so sweet”

- “Hey Kawal, where were you??”
- “I missed you sm kawaaaaaal”
by cazzzoll May 30, 2018
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