The state or possession of being cute or "kawaii".
The way she brushed hair behind her ear and smiled as she turned made my kokoro go 'doki-doki'. Her kawaiiness is off the charts!
by eternelromantique February 11, 2015
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An adjective in Japanese meaning " pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet" It's stem is two kanji meaning "can love". It is commonly used by anime and manga fans.
Chibiusa-chan's new outfit is so kawaii!
by Lisa June 04, 2003
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Cute, tiny, the most adorable style of art. It can also be used as an adjective, if you see something cute, or small. It is a Japanese style of art, but many use it in other forms. A simple type of chibi, and chibi is a simple type of anime.
Person 1: "Look at this cute plush I got!"
Person 2: "Awww, it's so KAWAII!"
Art Style:
Person 1: "Look what I drew!"
Person 2: "Is this the art style KAWAII?"
by XxGalaxyNekoXx May 24, 2017
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1) A Japanese word meaning cute.
2) Not to be confused with "Kowai", which means "scary".
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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Means 'cute' in Japanese. Horrendously overused by fangirls on anything chibi. ANYTHING. Because they feel the need to repeat the three Japanese words they know OVER AND OVER. And they LEARNED said Japanese words by watching 'Naruto' in Japanese on YouTube ALL THE TIME.
by Blue Ruse October 04, 2006
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The Japanese word for cute. A way to use Kawaii is in texts or communicating.
Boy: That Neko is so kawaii!
Girl: i know, right? I wish I was kawaii.

Boy: you are kawaii.

Girl: aw...well your cute too.
by Neko-Miku-Chan October 20, 2015
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